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Urban Village Strategy graphicSeattle’s Urban Village Strategy manages growth within our city by promoting a development pattern that:

  • Anticipates and plans for growth in existing mixed-use areas
  • Contributes to the vibrancy of neighborhood business districts
  • Makes efficient use of past and future City investments in transit, parks, utilities, community centers and other infrastructure
  • Minimizes impacts on single-family areas
  • Reduces our dependence on cars

In the 1994 Comprehensive Plan, the City designated six urban centers, six hub urban villages and 18 residential urban villages in Seattle. In developing alternatives to consider for Seattle 2035, we studied walksheds (the area within a 10-minute walk of light rail or frequent transit station–about 1/2-mile). The Draft Plan, issued in July, proposed expanding the boundaries of 12 hub or residential urban villages and one new village to reflect these walksheds.

Draft Future Land Use Map – shows rough proposed boundary expansions (October 2015)

Urban Villages Key Map

All Draft Urban Village Land Use Maps

All Draft Proposed Urban Village Expansion Maps

Urban Village Expansion Boards, Seattle 2035 Open Houses (Fall 2015)

By Neighborhood:

The Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) embraced the Urban Village strategy and proposed to rezone areas within current and expanded urban villages. HALA will study and finalize these changes over the next 1-2 years, a process that will include extensive community conversations.

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